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Join our exclusive program that ensures

significant advantages

all while actively supporting


The ESIC Program

Our exclusive program that ensures significant advantages

all while actively supporting


Beneficial To Those Who...

Want to help a startup with the option to manage risk, reduce tax and put money back in their pocket.

Reduced Tax Bill

Since your investment is into an ESIC-qualified company, you can claim a tax offset of 20% of your investment and pay no capital gains tax in the first 10 years.


We even show you in the case studies, a client's tax return, Notice of assessement and PAYG Variation APPROVED by the ATO (redacted of course).


Who is eligible to apply for the ESIC program?

Individuals, companies and trusts are eligible, Unused tax offsets carry forward to future tax years.

What is the period for receiving the tax benefits?

The tax offset you received is carried forward until you use it up. For most cases, this spans across three years. Please note that the application fee and interest are also tax deductible.

What are the upfront costs?

A 1% application fee is required upfront - The fee will depend on the size of the loan which we will be happy to discuss over a call.

Will I need a loan?

You don’t need to take out loan. You can pay cash. Loans are available to approved applicants.  Current interest is 5%. The Lender takes a charge over your shares as security for the loan.

What are the loan terms?

Loans are for 3 years interest only. The Startup Company manages the funds so that it only uses its revenue in the first 3 years. After 3 years you may refinance the loan, sell your shares or participate in Series A financing for the Startup. No capital gains taxes apply to any gains after the first year and before the 10th year. You retain your ESIC tax offsets.

What happens if the start-up fails?

The Startup funds are prudently managed.  The Startup can only spend its revenue in the first three years.  Shareholder value is protected.  The management system ensures that if a Startup is not succeeding, it can be wound up with payout to all shareholders.

Can I exit at any time and will there be penalties?

You are always free to sell or transfer your shares or transfer your shares at any time, subject to the Lender’s charge for any loan balance. There is no secondary market for startup shares. Attivare and the Founder will assist in placing your shares, should you wish to exit.

Can the startup access the funds as they like?

Attivare manages the startup funds within the agreed budget to ensure that shareholder value is preserved. This ensures that the Startup retains or increases its value over the term of any loan.

Can the shares we buy in a start-up company decrease in price during the first three years?

The Attivare financial management ensures that the Startup retains its value over the term.

Can we choose which start-up we invest in?

Yes, by using the Attivare platform you can research and select the startup company you wish to invest to.

Do we have to risk our personal assets?

The Lender has a charge over your shares in the Startup if you take out a loan. Attivare’s risk management has ensured that no companies using its systems have failed. There is always risk, from circumstance that we have not contemplated.  Our financial management systems has proven to be robust and successful for shareholders and startups.

What happens to my loan after three years?

The Startup Company manages the funds so that it only uses its revenue in the first 3 years.

What happens to my loan after three years?

The Startup Company manages the funds so that it only uses its revenue in the first 3 years.

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It’s important to note that:

There’s no investment limit BUT because the maximum tax offset is $200,000, it makes sense $1M is the ‘line in the sand’ for investors

The Benefits To You Of The ESIC Program

What’s the ESIC tax incentive?

Broadly, ESIC is a tax incentive to encourage investment in early-stage innovation companies with high-growth potential. Although legislated in July 2016, the ESIC incentive is still not widely understood.

ESIC offers investors two incentives:

  • A non-refundable carry forward tax offset equal to 20% of the amount paid for their eligible investments. This is capped at a maximum tax offset amount of $200,000.

  • Modified capital gains tax (CGT) treatment, under which capital gains on qualifying shares that are continuously held for at least 12 months and less than 10 years may be disregarded. Capital losses on shares held less than 10 years must be disregarded.

ESIC - The Gift That Just Keeps Giving!

Money Back On Your Taxes And The Chance To Help Those In Need

Money Back In Your Pocket

Receive between $40K to $100K on your tax

Help Innovative Startups

And at the same time, help innovative startups around the country.

Win : Win For Everyone

Receive back money with minimal effort or financial commitment and make a positive impact.

Hear From The People We Helped

Finding out that I could help others and get money back was amazing. I was also surprised at how easy the process was.
I would highly recommend a chat with David, to see what ESIC can do for you and to customise your own plan.


Melbourne- Vic

I am always looking for ways to minimise my tax and after selling my investment property was really frustrated with how much I was going to have to pay. It wasn’t until I met David and he explained to me about the ESIC program that I was amazed as to how many people had not heard about the program or really understood how it worked. Even my accountant learned something new. I have since received my Notice of Assessment and I’m happy to say that I will be saving one hundred thousand (100,000) as well as getting involved in an exciting project.


Melbourne - Vic

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